Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends

At Aqua-Tech we have bathroom specialists who will help you to design your dream bathroom. From tiling to accent pieces, to colours, we do our best to stay up to date on the new styles that are emerging.

Here is a list of the Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends that our specialists are noticing:

1. Grey

People are loving a simple grey look in their bathroom. Grey has the best of both worlds, it can seem cool or warm, depending on the surrounding design. Grey with blue undertones is cooler, while grey’s that are grounded with brown or yellow add a warmer touch to the bathroom. By adding natural wooden accents like benches, stools or counter tops, the bathroom can feel brand new!

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2. White

White is a blank canvas. Any design style you love is a possibility when choosing a white vanity, paint, and/or tiles. Your personality can shine through the different accessories and décor you choose. If your design style changes the white bathroom provides the perfect base for a different style! White brightens up the bathroom where there is no natural light and it instantly looks clean and finished.

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3. Black

Matte black is a great accent colour for any bathroom. It adds a simple design style, depth, and contrasts with grey and white bathrooms. Matte black is classic and stylish. You can match black shower fixtures with a chrome, brass or gold sink faucet and fixtures. Matte black pairs well with marble tile and natural wood elements! It adds a modern touch to your bathroom design.


If you are looking to update your bathroom we have bathroom specialist that would love to discuss your bathroom dreams! Our showroom is located on 1065 Dugald Rd. You can also call us at (204)233-8822 or visit our online store for some ideas at Bathrooms – Aqua-Tech. We hope to see you soon!


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