Top 10 Winter Hot Tub Tips

Winter is a great time for using your hot tub. Here’s your guide on ensuring you make the most out of this season, along with some extra things you should do to care for your spa.

Top 10 Winter Hot Tub Tips

  • Ensure you always have a good chlorine/bromine level in you spa, it should be around the 3-5 ppm range. As soon as your water drops to 0, you will experience some negative effects like cloudy and foamy water.
  • Stay on top of the filters. You should be rinsing them every 1-2 weeks (this can be done in a shower) and chemically cleaning them every 4-6 weeks. This is important in winter, because keeping clean filters will prevent foam, and foam can be a tricky problem to get rid of.
  • Wipe any scum lines with a cloth and a product like Swirl Away II.
  • Avoid wearing lotions and creams when using the spa, as this can cause cloudy/foamy water, and you can’t drain and refill in winter.
  • Once a week, lift your hot tub cover and let it breathe a little. Sometimes we go a while without using the spa, and that can cause your bromine/chlorine level to shoot up really high which can cause some negative effects.
  • When you are struggling with foam in your spa, check your chlorine/bromine level, SHOCK, and clean your filters.
  • Stay on top of water balance. Get a professional test done once a month, and monitor weekly with your test strips.
  • If the weather forecast is supposed to be nice for a few days, you can do a PARTIAL drain and refill, to freshen up your water. Make sure the water heats back up before you leave it overnight.
  • Cloudy water can be due to low chlorine/bromine levels, and a dirty filter.
  • Steer clear from liquid spa fragrances as they will change your water balance and clog up your filters, stick with the granular ones as they just gas off after being used.





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