Think Patio Furniture In January?

Thinking About Patio Furniture In January?

With our most cold recent weather it’s difficult to think about your patio furniture perhaps sitting out there lonely in the backyard. However storing patio furniture for the winter is important to extend the life of your patio furniture and accessories. Some product is fine to leave outside but you should cover it for better protection.



High Quality Patio Furniture

Better quality patio furniture can withstand colder temperatures. Less expensive plastics will crack in the cold weather. This is one more reason to spend a little more initially and reduce your cost per year if you consider how long the better quality product will last. If you have room inside the house or the garage that is even better for a longer life of your patio furniture. This product that we have owned for over 10 years has come in for the winter but looks close to brand new.



Quality VS Quantity

Consider that this furniture will likely last over 30 years compared to the throw away version that last 2-3 seasons. Also consider the style and comfort of this product far exceeds the basic quality materials. The higher quality patio outdoor living set truly is an investment that you will likely pass onto your children at some point.

If you spend $700 on basic product every 2-3 years you will spend $7,000 eventually but never have the feel and look of the higher end product at $7,000. Every winter we have reduced pricing on the showroom product but only till Feb 15 at which point we have to put it back to the regular price.

Save yourself some money and come in now to view some of the best patio furniture displays in Winnipeg!





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