Swimming Pool Solar Covers and Blankets- Do They Work?

If you are looking to retain or maintain heat in your swimming pool in a climate (like us in Manitoba) where nights, and sometimes days, can be cooler than your pool temperature, then a solar cover is something to consider…

Let’s discuss the basics of solar covers and solar blankets, as well as some of the benefits they can offer.

What is a Solar Cover?

A solar cover, also referred to as a solar blanket, is a large sheet of plastic that looks like bubble wrap which lies on top of your swimming pool. You have many options when purchasing a solar cover, as many colours, thickness, and sizes are available.

How Does a Solar Cover Work?

75% of a swimming pool’s heat loss is due to evaporation. A solar cover minimizes heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between swimming pool’s water and the air. Specifically, you can reduce your swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

How Do I Shape a Solar Cover?

Match the dimensions of your solar cover with the widest and longest points of your swimming pool-imagine the cover the cover is enclosed in a HUGE rectangle. Lay the solar cover onto the surface of the swimming pool and CAREFULLY trim the edges with a pair of scissors to match the shape of your swimming pool. Cut it 4-6″ larger on all sides. Once the cover has sat on the water’s surface for 2-3 weeks go back and do a final tough up trim.

How Much Does a Solar Cover Cost?

As with any product, prices of solar covers vary greatly. The price of a solar cover depends on the size of the swimming pool, the thickness, and the colour of the solar cover. Most solar covers are available between $250 and $400. If you are looking to have it installed for you, it is a time consuming process and ranges from $300-$500 for the installation (over and above the cover cost).

How Long Does a Solar Cover Last?

Over time, your solar cover will slowly deteriorate.  You will need to replace your solar cover when it begins to flake and/or when the bubbles begin to fall off of it. Most solar cover will last for two seasons, though many people replace them more frequently.

Utilizing a solar cover and taking advantage of the return lines in your pool are another way of preventing evaporation, as well as distributing the warm water throughout all of your pool, quickly more efficiently.

There is a new technology in the market now called liquid blankets. There are many types and brands, but they can be a great supplement to a solar cover and, for certain clients, replace a solar cover all together. Here are two:

Smart Shield:

Cover Free:

Reach us at any time with questions in the comments section below.

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