Swimming Pool Construction Details in Real Winnipeg Backyards

Swimming Pool Construction Details in Real Winnipeg Backyards

When your life’s work is pool construction and your goal is to improve every year it’s amazing the amount of details that are involved. Aqua-tech started in 1977 and has been improving our construction standards every year. Our in-house construction manual with all of our current standards is now 60 pages in length and that is what separates us from the competition. In the 60 pages of specs there are 747 specific items that require attention by our site foreman. Of course ensuring these details are followed would be impossible if we contracted our work out…everything at Aqua-tech is done in-house.

pic a nov 23 2017


As I visit our sites I see these details executed and can share some of the examples from real Manitoba backyards.  There are too many details in the 60 pages so this is just 3 examples to demonstrate the point of dealing with a company that believes in detail.

Maintaining a straight coping edge

You will notice the white foam edge on this swimming pool that was under construction this fall. It will be filled with concrete and vibrated to produce a concrete coping pool edge. In order to retain a straight look we add a wood brace to the front to the Styrofoam. This little details adds a few hours labour but the end look is superior.

pic b nov 23 2017

Rebar placement details

In the pictures above you will notice the rebar is tied into the pool wall. This helps bond the concrete deck to the pool edge and avoid future gaps between the pool deck and the water’s edge. Also take note of the detail done with the steel placement in the picture below …it’s not done haphazardly but rather with pride in the details.

pic c nov 23 2017

Plumbing details

Every pool requires pool heating and circulation equipment. Although 1.5” plumbing is adequate, notice our standard is 2”.makes for better flow and less noise at the equipment pad. Again some added cost but worth it in our view. Also take note of the neatness of the equipment layout and plumbing…hire a contractor that cares!

pic d nov 23 2017

Our acid test to add detail and cost is whether we would build our own pool this way. We don’t believe in adding cost unless there is a real benefit. Our theory is eventually a customer will realize the benefit and tell others about the Aqua-tech team!



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