Sundance Spa ClearRay Bulb System – What is it?

You know when you are in a hot tub all you can smell is chemical and your eyes burn because the chlorine is too high, Sundance Spa’s has a solution! Instead of using more sanitizer like bromine or chlorine their solution is to use a UV light bulb.


How does it work?

Ultra-violet or UV light is light that we cannot see. The sun emits this type along with others. This is a high energy light that has the ability to destroy the genetic material of bacteria and pathogens that find their way into your spa. It prevents them from reproducing, sanitizing your spa using natural light.

Whereas, chlorine uses a process called oxidation. Chlorine attaches itself to the bacteria and pathogens and steals electrons which changes their structure. This means that the bacteria and pathogens cannot replicate! This process is what makes the spa smell like chlorine. Bromine uses a similar process called ionization. This is where the bromine will combine with the bacteria or pathogen and break it apart. The bacteria and pathogens are killed and your pool is safe to swim in.

What are the Benefits?

By using the ClearRay bulb you save effort because it will reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to keep your water clean, clear and balanced. It will also save you money because of the reduced chemical consumption. As well as saving you effort and money, the ClearRay UV bulb reduces the potential for skin irritants from harmful bi-products or contaminants in the water leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. 

Here is a quick video about ClearRay light bulbs:

If you have any questions about the ClearRay Bulb System please contact us at (204)233-8822. You can also visit our showroom located at 1065 Dugald road and talk with our Sundance Spa Specialists. We hope to see you soon!


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