Stain Identification

Staining on your liner might cause you some panic, determining the type of staining in your pool can be crucial to having permanent stains.

All vinyl lined pools will stain, if yours hasn’t already, your time will more than likely come. It is just a matter of when and the severity of the stain. Some stains can be removed, and some stains can be permanent. this will vary depending on three factors, water chemistry (past and present), the area of the stain, and the root cause of the discoloration. They are multiple types of staining, and determining which type you have is very important. Determining the type of stain will tell you how to remove it accordingly. Using a Stain Identification kit will determine what process, if any will remove the Discoloration from your liner.

We suggest:

The Jack’s Magic’s Stain IDentification Kit comes with everything you need to identify your stains. One of the (4) simple topical tests will identify what best removes a swimming pool stain, saving both time and money. This stain identification kit quickly and precisely determines the appropriate products to remove stains and eliminates costly, time consuming guesswork.

How to Identify Stains Using Jack’s Magic’s Stain IDentification Kit

The following steps break down the process to identifying the stains in your pool, this will determine the course of action

Before you begin:

  1. Ensure your jets are pointed down at a 45 degree angle. This will allow your pool to circulate properly.
  2. Has your filter been chemically cleaned recently and is in good working order. Having a well cleaned filter will help with future staining.
  3. During and after the stain identification process, please pay special attention to your chlorine levels as they can fluctuate unpredictably


Make sure that your pool is properly balanced for stain identification and removal.

  1. turn off the pump and allow the water to calm. Please note: for easily accessible stains (i.e. top step or swim out) identification products may be applied directly from from packet to stain. For pool walls and floor or on the waterline, identification product should be poured into (separate) nylon hosiery (or similar porous container), and allowed to sit on test stain for 30-45 seconds. IMPORTANT: do not mix identification products in nylon hosiery or other container.
  2. Apply approximately half of the packet “Solution #1” over stained area. let sit for 30-45 seconds, and then brush away. (Stain Solution #1)
  3. Apply approximately half of the packet “Solution #2” over another stained area. Let sit for 30-45 seconds, and then brush away. (Stain Solution #2 Treatment)
  4. Apply approximately half of the packet “Solution #3” over a third area. Let sit for 30-45 seconds and the brush away. Follow with a third of packet “Solution #2”. Let sit for only a few seconds, and then brush away. (Stain Solution #3 and Stain Solution #2 Treatment).
  5. Apply approximately a third  of the packet “Solution #2” over a fourth stained area.Let sit for 30-45 seconds and then brush away. Follow with half of the packet “Solution #1”. Let sit for 30-45 seconds and then brush away  (Iron Scale Treatment).
  6. determine which topical treatment most effectively removed your stains and communicate they type of stain to those who perform your water analysis for the next steps.

Identifying stains doesn’t have to be a long process or something to worry about. Following these steps can help prevent your staining from becoming permanent. This easy process take out the hassle of guesswork and will keep your liner looking great!


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