SpaGuard hot tub chemicals & what they do

Do you use the SpaGuard traditional water care system for your hot tub? Have you always wondered what each product does? Read on for a little listing of each category of products and the key products in that category.

Hot Tub Sanitizing Products

Smart Tabs—premium chlorine sanitizer
Stabilized Chlorine Granules—daily chlorine sanitizer
Brominating Tablets—premium bromine sanitizer
Brominating Concentrate—daily bromine sanitizer


Spa Oxidizing (Shock)  Products

Spa Lite—weekly shock treatment, prepackaged for ease of measurement, gentle on equipment,
spa can be used 15 minutes after application
Chlorinating Concentrate—weekly spa oxidizer, bulk canister, must wait 8 hours after
application before using spa

Hot Tub Water Balance Products

Balance Pak 100—raises total alkalinity
Balance Pak 200—raises pH
Balance Pak 300—raises calcium hardness
Lo n’ Slo—lowers total alkalinity and pH
Optimizer Plus—water enhancer; makes water soft & silky, reduces eye or skin irritations, increases water clarity Spa Sentry—a pH balancing product for the Spa Sentry System of chemistry

Weekly Spa Water Treatment Products

Stain and Scale Control—weekly preventer for staining and scale formation
Polysheen—weekly water clarifier
Natural Spa Enzyme—weekly enzyme clarifier for high use spas

Hot Tub Occasional/As Needed Products

Swirl Away 2 and Spa and Tub Cleaner—spa surface cleaner
Swirl Away 2 and Cover Renew—spa cover cleaner with UV protectants
Antifoam—reduces the appearance of foam immediately after application
Test Strips—tests for chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity (on each strip)
Swirl Away—spa plumbing cleaner for use immediately prior to draining

Spa Filter Cleaning Products

Filter Brite—a granular filter cleaner for both oils and minerals, use for preventative maintenance

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