Sizing Your Outdoor Living Room

Sizing your outdoor living room


Quite often we build a patio and then we shop for furniture. It should probably be the other way around so the patio can accommodate your outdoor living furniture. When you come into our store you’re going to realize there are some options you may not have considered. Plus you will come to realize the furniture takes up more room than you thought. Here are some tips and guidelines that might help:

Chat sets are the most common so let’s start there. Let’s also assume you need 2 sides to walk around whatever you’re purchasing. A minimum walking space should be 3’ and really ideally 5’ if we want people to meet each other when walking and not have to turn. For this exercise let’s say 3’ on 2 sides. Chat sets are often for 6 people although 4 or 8 are also a common request. A chat set for 6 as shown in the image below is 8’ x 10’ and if we add the 3’ on 2 sides we need an 11’ x 14’ patio to accommodate the set.







Dining sets such as the one pictured below for 6 people is 7’ x 9’…allow 10’x 12’ for the patio size.








Loungers come in single or double and some are stackable. The standard single lounger is 31” x 81”….. you will probably have a minimum of 2 with some space in between so allow 6’ x 8’ for 2 loungers .Double loungers and day beds are approximately 6’ x 7’ We have Winnipeg’s widest assortment of outdoor day beds on display!







Outdoor kitchens such as this model is 5’ x 10 ‘…allow for stools down one side so the complete footprint is 8’ x 10’

We can custom make any size out door kitchen and have a larger model on display in our outdoor backyard dream center. Start your planning with a visit to our showroom and a free consult with one of our backyard designers!


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