Salt Water Spas!

Salt Water Spas!

Ten years ago almost every pool we sold was a salt water pool. It just sounded so good to the consumer and it did have some benefits.However the salt generator need to be replaced every 3 years and there were issues of salt corrosion.

We began to look at alternatives so we decided to move to UV light to reduce chlorine use and add minerals to the water to make it nicer for your skin. Today, we might only do one salt pool compared to 20 with UV and minerals. UV is common in the municipal drinking water treatment around the world and is the best way to treat your pool. Our experts can advise you on your spa or pool water by simply bringing us a water sample.

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Saltwater spas added another level of difficulty for water treatment as the water at 104F is much different than pool water at 80F. Corrosion of the hot tub sensors have been an issue and we have decided it’s not recommended for spas. We want the water to be easy to take care of and perfectly safe. Between our suppliers and ourselves we have invested countless hours and resources to offer the best water care techniques. Deal with an expert at our water lab and see how easy it really is!

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