Renewed En-suite Bathroom Renovations!

The en-suite bathroom became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Fast forward thirty to forty years later and there are many en-suites that need renovating. Most en-suites had small showers or basic bath tubs if they were standard size rooms. If you had a larger en-suite you probably had a big two person corner tub with jets. Some even had carpet on the floor! Thus, I present you Aqua-Tech’s ultimate guide to en-suite bathroom renovations!

Large en-suite renovation

We’ve been very busy the last 20 years updating these very important rooms. I’m going to illustrate a standard sized en-suite and larger one that we recently renovated. Both jobs had some popular options that you will find interesting and may want to incorporate into your renovation.

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These are some of the before pictures of the larger en-suite renovation. Notice the old jetted tub with the tile skirting and typical 80’s era product.


Wow, what a difference! The custom shower takes the place of the old jetted tub. This shower has a steam option and heated floors for added comfort.


There was still room for a soaker tub with an air massage option. The small cabinet to the left of the tub houses the air massage motor.


These cabinets are a serious upgrade from those old oak cabinets. Dual sinks make for efficiency in the morning when two people have to get off to work.


The closet was there but not with the elegance the new upgrades provided.


Small en-suite renovation

Now for the smaller en-suite which is more common. As you can see the old en-suite had a small shower and vanity. There was a corner tub that was not being used.


The new shower has no door simply by the creative design of custom glass. I think this is a great idea as the doors are always a source of cleaning and maintenance. Notice the overhead rain shower head which helps keep the water in the shower area


The updated cabinets and mirror add the finishing touches to a completely different looking room.


Although the customers both had some of their own ideas these projects could not have unfolded without great design by our design staff and installation by our trained craftsmen. Hats off to the customer and the people involved in design and installation for two great projects!

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