Products All UV Pools Should Have

Do you find your pool smelling like a yucky, unhealthy, hotel pool? Do you constantly need to add chlorine to your pool? Are you worried about microorganisms in your water? If you answered yes to any or all of the above,  a UV system might be right for you!

Why would you want to switch over to a UV system?

  • UV systems eliminate chloramines (chlorine that isn’t doing its job anymore), and chloramines stink.  With chloramines out of the picture, you won’t notice that unhealthy chlorine smell.
  • You will use LESS chlorine because the UV system has a bulb that sanitizes the water as well, so less chemical will be required to keep your pool water fresh and clean.
  • The UV bulb is easy to locate and replace.
  • UV sanitizer systems can help kill off microorganisms that are resistant to basic sanitizers (such as Hepatitis A, E. Coli, Influenza Virus, etc).


Products your UV pool should have

  • An ultraviolet pool sanitizer.
  • The Pure & Simple 3 step system will keep your pool water safe, clean, and clear;
  • The first step is an initial dose of Activator, which will make the water feel soft, like a salt pool, and prevent algae growth.
  • The second and third steps are both in the Maintenance Kit, which consists of chlorine sticks and pouches of Cleanse. You will use the sticks on a weekly basis to maintain the chlorine level, keeping the water sanitized.  The Cleanse pouches will also be used on a weekly basis to oxidize (“gas away”) contaminants, waste, and other organic matter, to keep your water clean and clear, as well as preventing any algae problems from occurring.


Tips for your UV pool

  • Use test strips weekly to ensure you are maintaining a 1-3 ppm chlorine level.  Sanitization is the most important thing in a pool, it’s what keeps the water safe and bacteria free for you and your family.
  • The only maintenance for the UV system is an annual UV lamp replacement, and cleaning of the quartz tube inside the unit. This is usually a 5-10 minute job.
  • Some people find it easiest to keep pool maintenance on the same day of the week.  For example, every Sunday, top up your chlorine pucks in the skimmer and broadcast your 1-2 pouches of Cleanse in the deep end.  BAM, done for the week.
  • Get your water tested every few weeks to ensure good water balance, preventing any equipment damage or failure.


If you’re thinking about switching to a UV system, stop by our showroom and speak to our experience Water Lab Team… they’ll be happy to help!


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