Products All Salt Water Pools Should Have

Salt water pools are great for many reasons… easy maintenance, softer water, automatic sanitizer… why wouldn’t you want to switch? Here is a list of all of the products you’ll need to switch your pool over to saltwater!

 Why are people converting their pools to salt water?

  • Softer water
  • Generates its own chlorine without you having to add it (great for people who go on vacations and have to leave the pool unattended)
  • Easy maintenance

Products You’ll Need

  • Initially during start up you’ll need to add Salt. You may have to top it up with a bag during the pool season.
  • The maintenance is easy, simply add one bottle of Primer and one bottle of Shock directly into the pool at the beginning of each month. It’s wonderful because you don’t have to worry about any maintenance for an entire month.
  • Throughout the season you will get a build up of scale on your salt cell, so to prolong the life of the cell, you will want to inspect and clean it every 3 months. You can use Cell Cleaner, it keeps your cell working efficiently and able to produce chlorine more effectively!


Salt Pool Tips

  • Although salt water pools are as easy as can be, it’s a good idea to have your water tested every few weeks to ensure your alkalinity and pH are in good order.
  • Keep an eye on the chlorine level in your pool with test strips, if something is off, it could be an issue with your cell, or you may simply have to turn the cell up or down.
  • Keep the skimmer baskets clean.  A build up can stop the water flow, and if the flow is reduced significantly, it can stop the generation of chlorine.


Salt water pool are that easy folks! If you’re thinking about switching, stop by our Water Lab today and we’ll get you the products you’ll need! Happy Swimming!


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