Pool Shock Winnipeg

It’s all too shocking!

Oxidation, or as many call it shocking. Pool shock in Winnipeg is a very important part of your routine maintenance.  Shocking your pool gets rid of swimmer and unfilterable wastes like perspiration, sunscreen, deodorants, and one more you hope nobody does in your pool…pee.  You should also shock after a thunderstorm with lightning.  What is happening is nitrogen, which comes from these wastes, bonds to chlorine and becomes a chloramine or dead chlorine that makes your pool start to get hazy, irritating, and smells bad.  You should not smell chlorine if you pool is regularly shocked.  So we recommend that you shock, oxidize, your pool on a weekly bases so you never have any of those issues.

So you already shock your pool but when you do you end up getting cloudy water for a day or two, you have to wait 24 hours to swim and you have to leave your solar blanket off the pool the night that you add it.  Well you’re using a product called Calcium Hypochlorite or very common brand of this product is called HTH.  Using this product can be very inconvenient because your pool is typically not usable for a day or two plus leaving the cover off of the pool you lose precious heat out of the pool that in our climate it can mean the difference of your wife and kids swimming or not!

Well we have an amazing product for you to try…Smart Shock!  This product is truly they best oxidizer in the pool industry.  You can shock during the day, and never have to worry about leaving the cover off the pool.  The family can swim 15 minutes after adding Smart Shock.  It doesn’t use high levels of chlorine to oxidize the pool.  There is no premixing the product because it comes in premeasured pouches that gives you the perfect shock every time!  It also has clarifiers and some filter aids that make your pool look amazing.  Never again will you get a cloudy pool after you shock.


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