Choose Aqua-Tech for your filter cleaning to increase performance, reduce chemicals and ensure sparkling, safe water.

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Your pool filter is a small part that has a huge impact on your pool’s performance. The filter is the key to your water’s clarity and it also has a big impact on the amount of chemicals you’ll have to use to keep your pool safe, sparkling and algae-free. If your filter isn’t running at peak capacity or isn’t being as efficient as it should be, you’ll notice it in the quality of your water. When you entrust Aqua-Tech to clean and provide routine maintenance for your filter, you’ll be able to maximize its life and keep your costs down.

Exclusive Filter Cleaning System

Aqua-Tech can help you restore your filter back to its original condition. Our in-house service technicians clean pool filters using our exclusive Filter Cleanse filter cleaning system which includes numerous rinses, cleanings, chemical degreasing, demineralizing and a detailed visual inspection for any performance-limiting damages. This process is done in an environmentally sustainable way that no one else in Winnipeg can offer.

We are delighted with the results of our filter cleaning, which are beyond our expectations. It is like having a new pool. We have been dealing with Aqua–Tech for nearly 15 years and will continue to do so. Thanks again for the great job.

We also use the Filter Cleanse filter cleaning system to wash your hot tub filters in the same method as we use for pool filters. For hot tub owners, filters impact not just on water quality but jet performance, elimination of excess foaming and efficient heater operation which, of course, is extremely important in our cold winter months. When you choose to Aqua-Tech for your hot tub filter maintenance, you get the advantage of a guaranteed turnaround time of five business days for spa filters between drop-off and pick-up.

Extend Your Filter’s Life


When you consider that a properly maintained filter can extend its life up to two times as long as one that is not properly cared for, along with how much you’ll save in the long run and how much more comfortable you’ll be in your pool or hot tub, it’s clear that regular maintenance has its advantages.

Premium Replacement Filters

When the time comes to replace your filter, let Aqua-Tech’s skilled team help you find the best model for your family’s usage and needs. Our in-store range of replacement filter options includes innovative modular and classic sand options, and our helpful team will be able to recommend not only which to choose, but the best steps to take to extend its life.

Let Aqua-Tech’s experts keep your filter in peak working order so you can relax in beautiful, balanced water. Call our team today!