News from the Aqua-tech Pool world in 2017

News from the Aqua-Tech Pool world in 2017

This month we have started our first three jobs of the year already and are looking forward to a busy season. Every month we have some pool news to report from new backyards or from our dream display center. We are more than a pool builder at Aqua-tech…we can design and create an entire backyard resort for your family. A complete backyard retreat includes a pool, landscaping and accessories.

Modern Day Backyards

Backyards are smaller these days but many people still want the softness of a small area of lawn. The green space may be for appearance or a place for the family pet to do his business. The pictures below show something you can consider. We recently installed artificial lawn in our outdoor swimming pool display area. Artificial lawn looks more real than ever and has zero maintenance. If it’s a small area it makes so much sense with no lawn mower to drag out. Perhaps you just want some green ground cover which in the past was filled with junipers.

To the right in the photo you can see the juniper ground cover which is real but requires weeding etc.

may 2 2017 pic ajpgmay 2 2017 pic b

Modern Day Pool Liners

Traditionally all pool liners used to be a shade of blue. With more demand for a concrete natural look this new gold pebble print is the answer. We are in the midst of installing this liner in our dream display center so come down and see Western Canada’s best outdoor display.


may 2 2017 pic cjpg


This last picture shows you the progress on a new installation. In future blogs you will see this site take shape. This pool will likely be a national award winner when it’s finished. There are actually two pools with a negative edge lower pool behind the main pool. Extensive plumbing is required to meet the water flow demands as you can see in this picture.


Aqua-Tech is a leader when it comes to complex extraordinary swimming pool resorts…you can trust us with your dream project!


may 2 2017 pic djpg 1may 2 2017 pic ejpg




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