Myth BUSTERS: Ionizers and Ozonators

When a new technology comes out, many people have questions about it! Today we are going to talk about tubs using the copper/silver/zinc method which is also know as ionization and we are going to talk about the oxygen molecule and what is the story about ozone hot tubs. We are going to get a little bit science to explain these myths, so lets get started!

What is Ionization? Ionization, using silver, copper, and zinc, is the process that occurs naturally when atoms gain and lose electrons. Natural minerals when electrically charged act as ionizers.

What is Ozone? Oxygen molecules that are SHOCKING your hot tub to clean out body oil, and sweat and similar kinds of bather waste. According to a popular online forum,”ozone is natures cleanser and is 1000x more powerful than CHLORINE to OXIDIZE.” (there is a problem with that claim, keep reading!)

We have already talked about the definition of ionization. Ionization is the exchanging of positive and negative elections. This is not sanitizer. Exchanging electrons has nothing to do with sanitizing. You have not broken into the cell and killed it, your simply changing your electrons, but they are not killing bacteria.

What is ozone really doing? Ozone is one way of gassing off wastes. However, it does not sanitize and actually kill bacteria.

Chlorine or Bromine is your sanitizer. SANITIZER DOES NOT OXIDIZE.  Sanitizer keeps your hot tub and spa water safe. This is the best most efficient way to kill bacteria.

SHOCK will OXIDIZE the dead cellular material that your sanitizer has killed and remove it from your water in the form of gasses.

Despite the many claims online about ionization and ozone, your hot tub water care is not complete without a programmed approach to water care.  Lots of simple and effective ways that we can use nature to inspire us to keep your hot tub soft, safe and sparkling!  Just ask us in the comments section below!!










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