Mineraluxe Weekly Maintenance for your Hot Tub!

Mineraluxe Cube is infused with a number of natural moisturizers and conditioners that leave your body feeling soft and hydrated after use! So lets maintain our hot tubs with Mineraluxe!

  1. Maintain proper water balance by testing and adjusting pH regularly as well as Alkalinity and Chlorine on a periodic basis.
  2. Once a week, apply 1 Mineraluxe Cube per 2000 L of hot tub water. For smaller volumes than 1000 L or hot tubs with infrequent use, the dosage may need to be modified to 1 Cube every 2 weeks.
  3. Following the addition of the Mineraluxe Cube, apply one pouch on Mineraluxe Oxygen per 1500 L of hot tub water. Cut the top of the pouch off with scissors and sprinkle into the water with the pump running. Leave the cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  4. Maintain the bromine or chlorine residual consistently at 3 – 5 ppm. When low, instantly boost with Mineraluxe Bromine Granules or Bromine Tablets, or Mineraluxe Chlorine Granules or Mineraluxe Mini Chlorine Tablets for chlorine systems.
  5. Keep your filter cartridge working properly by rinsing once per week and performing a Mineraluxe Filter Revive treatment once per month.
  6. Once the hot tub has been set up and operating successfully on the Mineraluxe System, the use of Mineraluxe Clean and Drain prior to each draining would no longer be required. The treatment would only be needed for specific problem solving purposes and at the recommendation of your Dazzle retailer.

If you have any questions about you water care feel free to give us a call at (204) 233 – 8822 or email us at with your questions!



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