Keep Your Salt Water Pool Sparkling and Clear

A salt water pool is a great choice for those who like to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a great swim, and with Pure and Simple, it’s easier than ever to have one of your very own. Salt water pools provide gorgeously clear water and truly comfortable swimming experiences. When you combine Pure and Simple with our care suggestions, we’re certain your salt water pool will stay sparkling and clear all season long.

Wondering about how the maintenance that is still required? It’s quite similar to maintaining a standard swimming pools. To make the most out of your salt water pool this summer, we’ve collected a few tips for you.

Maintaining Your Salt Water Pool

Many people assume salt water pools require a different amount of work and care to maintain than standard pools, but that’s not the case. A standard pool requires different care than a salt water pool, but necessary maintenance should take about the same amount of time. And, with Pure & Simple, it’s even easier!

Daily Tasks For Salt Water Pools

There are daily tasks you’ll need to complete to make sure any pool is in the best shape possible. Some of these tasks include:

  • Testing chlorine and pH levels
  • Checking the skimmer and pump basket and cleaning them out as necessary

Weekly Tasks For Salt Water Pools

There is also regular maintenance that needs to be performed on your salt water pool weekly. A few weekly jobs include:

  • Adding your Pure and Simple pouch of cleanse
  • Testing your pool’s chlorine and pH levels and adjusting as required
  • Checking the sump pit (if you have one) to ensure it is operating properly

Monthly Tasks For Salt Water Pools

In addition to weekly tasks, you’ll have monthly, and even yearly maintenance that will need to be performed to get the most out of your pool. These tasks will differ slightly depending on your pool’s filter.

If your pool has a sand filter, you will need to do the following:

  • Remove your sump pump from the pit and clean any debris from the bottom
  • Test sump pump operation and return it to the pit
  • Bring a 1 litre sample of water into Aqua-Tech for a maintenance analysis

If your pool has a cartridge filter, you will need to perform the added step of removing the System 3 filters from your tank, rinsing off any large debris and letting them air dry before returning them to the tank.

Yearly Tasks For Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools will need to have their filters chemically cleaned, regardless of their type, and any fine particles or other debris will need to be vacuumed. This will protect and prolong the life of your pool’s filter.

An Ocean In Your Backyard!

Pure and Simple makes it easy transform your standard pool into a salt water one, and with our tips you’ll enjoy an endless summer of salt water swimming without ever leaving your property. Contact us today to learn more about Pure and Simple, as well as how you can have a salt water pool to call your very own!



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