Your Guide to Hot Tub Chemicals and Maintenance

You may be overwhelmed, confused, or maybe you just want a refresher on what it takes to maintain a hot tub. There are a few different steps to maintaining a sparkly clear hot tub all while protecting your equipment and prolonging the life of you tub. We’ve simplified it for you here! You will read about our 2 main brands we sell, BioGuard and Dazzle.


It is vital that you maintain good water balance. If things like the “alkalinity”, “pH”, or “calcium hardness” get out of whack, you can have some negative consequences. Typically, when you fill up your tub with fresh water, you should bring in a water sample for us to test, and tell you how to balance it perfectly, and then bring in a check-up once a month, to tweak anything as needed. The hot tub balancers we sell at Aqua-Tech are:

  • Balance Pak 100 (to raise alkalinity) / TA+ (to raise alkalinity)
  • Balance Pak 200 (to raise pH) / pH+ (to raise pH)
  • Balance Pak 300 (to raise calcium) / TH+ (to raise calcium)
  • Lo N Slo (to lower pH/alkalinity) / pH- (to lower pH/alkalinity)

bio  daz


It is also vital that you always maintain a good sanitizer level. By sanitizer, we are talking about chlorine or bromine. This is important because you want to constantly kill bacteria in the water, to keep it clean and safe for you and your family. You always want to keep your chlorine/bromine level anywhere between 3-5 ppm. The options we have at Aqua-Tech are:

  • SpaGuard Smart Tabs 800g or 2kg (chlorine pucks) / Mineraluxe Chlorine Tablets (chlorine pucks)
  • SpaGuard Chlorinating Granules (chlorine powder) / Mineraluxe Chlorinating Granules (chlorine powder)
  • SpaGuard Bromine Tabs 800g or 2kg (bromine pucks) / Mineraluxe Bromine Tablets (bromine pucks)
  • SpaGuard Brominating Granules (bromine powder) / Mineraluxe Brominating Granules (bromine powder)


Weekly Care

Weekly care depends on what type of water you have (whether it’s well water or city water, etc.) It is important that you protect your hot tub from things like scale. It is also vital to oxidize your water weekly to gas off things that the chlorine/bromine kill. This keeps your water fresh and clean. And obviously, keeping the water sparkly clear is a must-have also. Here are the 3 different systems we sell at Aqua-Tech:

SpaGuard Traditional System

  • Spa Lite – add weekly (shock/oxidizer)
  • Stain and Scale Control – add weekly (protects tub from scale build up)
  • Polysheen – add weekly (water clarifier)
  • Optimizer Plus – add when required (water softener – great for people with sensitive skin)
  • Swirl Away – use right before draining (cleans tub and pipes)



Trio is a newer version of the SpaGuard Traditional System, made easy. You purchase 1 three month kit, which includes:

  • 1 Start Pouch – put in water at fresh fill, stays in water for 3 months (this has a bunch of good stuff in it, like scale protection, clarifiers, and softeners)
  • 12 Weekly Pouches – add 1 pouch once a week (shock/oxidizer)
  • 1 Finish Pouch – add right before draining (cleans pipes and tub)



Mineraluxe is another easy system. You can purchase it in either a 1 month kit or a 3 month kit. The 3 month kit includes:

  • Bromine Tablets
  • 13 Mineraluxe Cubes – add weekly (each cube includes things like scale protection, water clarifiers, and softeners)
  • 16 Mineraluxe Oxygen Pouches – add weekly (shock/oxidizer)

mineraluxe 2


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