Eight Styles of Swimming Pool Patio Loungers!

After all that vigorous swimming you’re going to need a place to relax.

We have some new creative ways to lounge around your pool.


  1. Traditional! These are also stackable so you can free up deck space if needed.

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  2. Lounger with a soft out door cushion! These cushions are specifically made for outdoor! The rain or pool water does not absorb into the fabric or cushion.

    image b e1541017408709

  3. Wicker lounger with cushion and stackable! These are easy to move about with their large rear wheels

    image c e1541017459222

  4. Double cushion lounger! You can have the recliners set in two positions. Somebody can have a nap while the other is reading!

    image d e1541017498986

  5. Double loungers with the ability to face each other! There is also an umbrella hole built in!

    image e e1541017565192

  6. Rotating Day bed! Move with the sun, the canopy folds down if you want all sun.

    image d5 e1541017707593

  7. Sofa day bed! Perfect for a group or afternoon naps.

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  8. The “Nest”! Kids love this one!

    image f e1541017823546


Patio furniture is key to the backyard environment.

Make your personal resort with all the comforts of lounging!

Come see our huge selection today!





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