Common questions about automatic pool covers

Common questions about automatic pool covers

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  1. How much do they cost?…the cost installed ranges from $18,000 to $28,000.

  2. Is there a shape of pool they work best on?   They work on all shapes but best on rectangle pools.

If it is a shaped pool try to keep the amount of deck drag to a minimum. Our experts can advise you further on this question.

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  1. What maintenance does the cover require?

It’s important to keep the auto pump on the cover to keep the weight of rain water off the cover. Also we recommend a yearly maintenance and servicing.

  1. How long do they last?The fabric will need to be replaced every 7-10 years.

  1. What are some options that will increase the cost?

The lid for the auto cover housing can be made with stainless trays that support concrete blocks to match the deck material. The standard lid is brushed aluminum. There are a few more options that we can discuss and demonstrate in our showroom

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  1. How does the cover go back and forth?

With simply the turn of a key the motor pulls the cover on or off. There are hidden ropes and pulleys sewn to the cover sides.

  1. Does the cover reduce pool maintenance?

Most definitely maintenance is reduced because almost no airborne dirt etc can enter the pool when it is not being used. However you do have to remove the cover pump and any remaining rain water  prior to uncovering the pool.

  1. Can a child step on the cover?

Yes, the cover is 100% safe. We don’t recommend walking on the cover but if you did it is similar to walking on a water bed or trampoline.The pool water below the cover is what supports your weight.

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  1. Can I add an automatic pool cover to an existing pool?…….Yes!

  2. How long does it take to have one installed on an existing pool? The installation will take 3-7 days and order time is 7-14 days.

Aqua-tech has installed more automatic pool covers in Manitoba than any other pool company…you can trust our experienced installation team! Contact us today if you would like to discuss more about automatic pool covers


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