Bath Renovation Plumbing: Do you know right from wrong?

Most of us have no idea when we hire a contractor if they are doing poor work, average work or great work. Yes, you may know some of the obvious aesthetic items but there are so many hidden details. We recently removed an existing shower to install a new shower and faucets. When you look at this before picture below 75% of the population might think it’s okay.








This is how the original plumber had done the plumbing. Our expert installers were aghast with the sloppy work since the work was done within the last 10 years and supposedly by a professional. Our guys are so committed to quality, it is impossible for them to leave shoddy work and cover it up even though it takes longer and costs us more. The picture below shows the plumbing after we corrected it.








This is just one example of many we have encountered over the last 40 years. Yes, we might be a bit more on labor but the quality workmanship is worth every penny!


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