Algae Destruction for Hard Water!

What products do I use when I have algae!! If you have ever had algae, and looked at all the products available, chances are you might be a little overwhelmed! Power Chlor is an algae destruction product that we choose to use when there is high calcium hardness in the water. The reason that we choose Power Chlor instead of the traditional shock treatments is that they can sometimes cause cloudy water. Bioguard created a high chlorine shock that kills algae like crazy with out increasing calcium hardness. Power Chlor will keep your water natural with as little chemicals as possible. 

Step 1. Clean your media filter.
SAND. If you have a sand filter: backwash thoroughly (2 – 4 minutes, rinse 10 – 20 seconds). If you have no chemically cleaned for filter media this year, do so now, using 1 bag of Filter Brite. Note: we will complete this step again once we have completed Algae Destruction.

CARTRIDGE. If you have a cartridge filter: remove the filters from the tank, thoroughly rinse them. If you have a second set it is a good idea to install them now, and chemically clean the first set. Note: we will complete this step again once we have completed Algae Destruction.

Step 2. Power Chlor.
SLOWLY pour 120 g per 10,000 litres of Power Chlor into the empty skimmer basket. This step should take 15 – 20 minutes to complete.
Caution: If chemical is not fully dissolved or is applied to quickly staining can occur.  

Step 3. Erase Algaecide
Add 100 mL per 10,000 litres of Erase Algaecide (patented algae killer) around the edges of the pool.

Step 4. Brush
After Power Chlor and Erase have been added to the skimmer, brush the sides, and bottom of your pool, even if you can’t see them. There is no need to vacuum, just brush.

Step 5. Clarifying
If in 48 hours, the green color is not gone, repeat Step 3. Add your initial dose of Power Chlor daily until the green colour is gone.

If in 48 hours, the green colour is gone, and the pool is a thick milky, cloudy colour, bring a check up sample into Aqua-Tech’s Water Lab. We will then re-test the pool and proceed to clearing up all the dead algae OR read our blogs on cloudy water! 🙂


Products you need need:
Filter Brite:
Power Chlor:


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