Take Care…Of Your Outdoor Furniture

Take Care . . . Of Your Outdoor Furniture

When you care for something, it can last a lifetime. This includes your outdoor furniture. Here’s a few tips and tricks to make your patio sets look great all summer long, year after year.

Woven Fabrics & Cushions

Engineered to survive the elements of the outdoors, including a coating on the back of the fabric that enhances the water-resistant features.

-Hand wash with cold water
-Do not bleach (this will damage the properties of the fabric)
-Let air dry
*Tip: For quick drying of cushions, turn them on their side

water resistant aug 15 2017

outdoor covers aug 15 2017
Synthetic Leather

Designed with durability to hold up to outdoor elements, UV resistant, water repellent, and made to withstand -20C up to +60C.

-Wipe down with mild soap and cool water
-Dry with a cloth or let air dry
*Tip: Magic erasers are great for removing scuffs and sap

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Synthetic Wicker

Meant to look like natural wicker, but manufactured to be UV resistant & dirt resistant. Wicker is actually a method of weaving and not a material. Synthetic wicker is great for the outdoors as it won’t absorb and hold onto heat.

-Hose down
-Can use mild soap and water
-Let air dry
*Tip: Hose down weekly for best results and easiest cleaning

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Composite Materials

Virtually maintenance free, as their properties are UV , stain and water resistant and anti-microbial. They typically require no sealing, staining, or painting.

-Hose down
-Dry with a cloth or let air dry
-Mild soap and water (for things like sap)
*Tip: Avoid pressure washing and harsh chemicals

hose down aug 15 2017
For our polar vortex winters, I recommend covering your furniture and storing it in a space protected against the harsh Manitoba elements. Even in the summer, a cover is a good idea if the furniture is under trees or under the sun for a prolonged amount of time. Anyways, who wants to think of winter right now, yuck! Get out there and enjoy your outdoor furniture. Happy relaxing


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