Top 7 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub or spa (which is an interchangeable word) will require an investment between $5,000 and $20,000. No matter your budget you need to do some research before you part with your hard earned dollars. Here is a list of things to consider before you get into hot water…


Shop around to three different dealers. I would suggest you don’t see too many as it might only confuse your decision. I have found that people that shop at too many places end up making a decision from frustration instead of information. Be aware of inflated list and “sale today” prices which unfortunately are common in the hot tub industry. An excellent brand of hot tub will last 20 years while some may only last 3-5 years so consider the price per year and not just the initial price.



There are likely 20 brands of hot tubs in North America. In terms of quality there are 3 leading brands……Sundance, Jacuzzi and Hot Springs. Then there are some brands that are good but not in the same league in my opinion…..they include Coast, Master and Arctic. After those three brands there are 14 more that I would be hesitant to recommend as they are not well represented locally.



Check out the local store to ensure they have parts, service and a water lab. Is there a professional looking water lab?… spa parts in the showroom?…fleet of service techs? This may mean nothing to you as you’re focused on price, horsepower and jets but it will mean everything to you when you have a hot tub party planned and require some help!


Operating spas in the showroom

Why would you buy a spa that you were not sure how well the jets and filtration works? Unless you plan to leave your spa dry only deal with a company that has many operating models in the showroom.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Some dealerships will give as much as a 60 day no questions asked return guarantee. This is a significant commitment by the dealership considering the costs of delivery etc. It’s comforting to buy with that security.

Backyard Design help

There are many considerations when it comes to decking, the spa base and hot tub location for your unique backyard. A site visit can save you money to do it right the first time. A 3D design is also available at select hot tub stores.


If you can purchase from a company with full installation you can avoid those unwanted surprise costs. Some companies just give you a business card or say we can “find a guy”…….if you’re like me I never find this very comforting. The details for your spa installation include permits, electrical, concrete or wood base and perhaps deck building.

Happy hot tub prospecting and hope the list above has given you some added food for thought. Ahhhhh……can’t wait to use my hot tub tonight…perfect weather!



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