Top 3 Things Spa Owners Miss in Autumn

Fall is here and that means Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner. However, it is time to start taking care of your hot tub (so you don’t get a 1,400 liter ice cube in the winter)! Did you know that it is fairly simple to prevent your hot tub from going by the wayside during the winter months just by taking several simple steps in the fall? Nonetheless, we are all human and often forget one, two, or maybe three of these steps! Just because we here at Aqua-Tech are so nice (and we love you and your hot tubs), we have decided to remind you of the three most common things that hot tub owners forget to do in the fall! Make sure you add these in to your fall hot tub care routine! 

Drain your spa, use Swirl Away, Swirl Away II, and refill

If you are planning on using your hot tub during the winter, we highly recommend that you drain and refill your hot tub prior to the first snowfall. This prevents you from having to soak in dirty, waste-filled water, and allows the wonderful properties of Swirl Away and Swirl Away II to cleanse your pipes, remove scum, and remove staining that may have occurred. Also, by refilling your hot tub you are ensuring that the TDS (or total dissolved solutes) will not be greater than 2,500 ppm which will prevent corrosion, eye irritation, colored water, algae growth and many other problems too!


Add checking the equipment and temperature into your hot tub care routine

One of the easiest and most devastating mistakes a hot tub owner can make is not checking the control panel and water temperature on a daily basis. This is a VERY important part of winter hot tub care. By not checking the control panel, you are risking a “freeze-up” in your hot tub (which is not covered under warranty), and will result in you having a 1,400 liter unusable, irreparable ice cube in your backyard (instead of a nice, steamy, comfortable hot tub). By starting to check your control panel and water temperature in the fall, you are already setting yourself up for a winter of easy, stress-less and successful hot tub care and maintenance!

Cleaning or replacing your filter

This is a very simple step to winter hot tub care that can save you considerable hassle during the winter months! If wanting to clean your filters, it is best to do it in the fall so that you can still use your garden hose to clean them! If you want to replace your filters, the fall is an ideal time because it will save you from having to worry about the havoc that a dirty or damaged filter can wreak upon your hot tub during the winter months!


We hope that you enjoy a wonderful fall season in your hot tubs, and spend some time outside taking in the picturesque trees and leaves, as well as the yummy treats that come with Thanksgiving and Halloween. Happy Hot Tubbing!


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