6 Pool Products All Freshwater Pools Should Use

It is spring, the birds are chirping, the trees are blooming, and pool season is right around the corner! This means wet, splish-splashing fun is on its way here, but so is most people’s least favourite part of spring (and needlessly so)… pool care. Here are six fantastic pool products that all freshwater pool owners should use to help save them money, time, effort and frustration.

Silk Smart Sticks, Purify Sticks, MegaSticks, or MegaTabs

All of these products are classified as “sanitizers”. In your pool, these chemicals act like garbage bags, collecting up all of the wastes and trapping them, making your pool safe for you and your family to swim in. We cannot emphasize the importance of maintaining a good chlorine level in your pool (between 1-3 ppm) as this is often the root cause (and solution) to many pool problems.


Smart Shock, Cleanse, or Amaze

All of these pool products are classified as “shock” and work together with the Silk Smart Sticks, Purify Sticks, MegaSticks or MegaTabs, to ensure that all of the wastes in your pool are oxidized, or in more simple terms, “gassed” out of your pool and into the atmosphere. In a sense, these products are like little garbage-men. They collect the wastes trapped in the garbage bags (the chlorine), and then throw them out of your pool.

Pool Complete

Pool Complete is both one of the newest and greatest pool products that we carry. Pool Complete is an all around fantastic chemical with many different properties. Firstly, it is a fantastic maintenance clarifier. Essentially, it will help keep your water crystal clear. Secondly, it also prevents algae growth. Finally (and most importantly), it can save you money on your balancers and other chemicals by making them last longer in your pool.


Stabilizer 100 or Instant UV Block

These products are what is classified as “stabilizers”, and are measured as CYA (cyanuric acid) on your water tests. These stabilizers are fantastic at saving you money and time by increasing the efficacy of the chlorine you put into your pool by elongating the life of the chlorine, and also preventing chlorine loss due to evaporation. In short, stabilizer acts like “sunscreen” for your chlorine.

Optimizer Plus or Performance Plus

Have you ever felt that your water is hard, or uncomfortable? These products are water softeners and will help you and your family enjoy your pool even more by making the water silky-smooth. Furthermore, these pool products also have additional properties including the ability to inhibit algae growth and elongate the lives of all of your chemicals.


SkimMor Socks

Have you ever had a problem with pollen, bugs, and other organic matter wreaking havoc on your filters? Then SkimMor socks are for you! If we are in for another summer (like last year) with tons of rain and wind washing and blowing organic matter into your pool, you will likely run into filter problems. SkimMor socks act as a “filter for your filter” by capturing all larger wastes before they even reach your filter, allowing your filter to deal with all of the micro-particles that can only it can filter out; alleviating the stress on your filter, the time you would spend cleaning your filter, or even the money you would spend replacing your filters outright.


Obviously there are some fantastic pool products for freshwater pools that will save you money, time, and allow you and your family to enjoy your pool even more. We hope that we will be seeing you in soon as pool opening season is around the corner. Until then…Happy Swimming!


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