3 System 3 Filter Cleaning Tips

System 3 filters are designed for low maintenance, fine particle filtration, and cost savings. Based on normal operation, the filter element must be chemically cleaned at least once per pool season. If you don’t chemically clean your filters, the benefits that System 3 filters were intended for, may end up doing the opposite for your pool. Here are 3 easy system 3 filter cleaning tips to ensure you have low maintenance, fine particle filtration, and cost savings on pool chemicals all year long!  

Rapid Action Filter Cleanse

Dazzle’s Rapid Action Filter Cleanse is an easy, “eco-friendly”, one-step filter cleaner that removes greases, oils, algae, and metals from your filter to maximize filter efficiency. The process is simple: fill a garbage pail with HOT water and place your System 3 filters inside. Let them soak for 18 hours, remove them, and rinse them off with a garden hose. TA-DA… good as new! Click here to purchase our Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse along with the rest of your pool chemicals today.


Two is better than one

Cleaning your filters can be a lengthy process and we absolutely do not recommend running your system with no filters. This can cause many issues and will defeat the purpose of all of the things System 3 Filters were designed for in the first place and could end up costing you a great ton of money in pool chemicals to get your pool back to its usual self. What to do then? You could rent out a set of Aqua-Tech’s shop filters for a fee however we do recommend investing in a second set of filters to have on hand at all times. You can use your spare set of filters for many things: filtering out an entire winter’s load of organics in the spring time, during an algae problem, and of course, when you’re chemically cleaning your other set. Click here to purchase a second set of System 3 filters today!

pool filter pressue

Under pressure

When rinsing the excess filter cleaner off your filters, be sure to use normal garden hose pressure. Do not use a pressure washer – it can seriously damage the pleats of your filter resulting in poor filtration. And absolutely do not take your filters to the local car wash. It may seem like an efficient idea, killing two birds with one stone, but trust us on this one and have some respect for your filters – after all, they do wonders for your pool!


Remember these 3 system 3 filter cleaning tips next time you are chemically cleaning your filters and save a significant amount on pool chemicals as well as have clean, clear, and sparkling water all year round! When in doubt, take your filters to Aqua-Tech and we will be glad to do the dirty work for you. To learn more about our filter cleaning services, click here. Happy Swimming!


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