3 Hot Tub Products for Hot Tub Users With Allergies

Itchy skin… red bumps… patches… ahh the classic symptoms of a dreadful allergy. People who struggle with allergies are usually allergic to a few things, and spas can collect all kinds of particles that can irritate sensitive skin. If you have allergies, here are 3 hot tub products to help protect your skin and let you enjoy your hot tub more! 

Swirl Away

If you have allergies, one great tip is to flush out your pipes with one of our hot tub products called Swirl Away before you drain.  It’s an easy task… simply pour the Swirl Away into the water and turn your jets on for an hour.  This way any bacteria, biofilm, or unwanted particles will get flushed out, so when you drain and refill, you’ll have a nice, clean spa!


Sanitizer Levels

Maintain adequate sanitizer levels at ALL times.  Usually when a person suffers from allergies, it’s something like bacteria, dust, or other microorganisms.  Keeping up a good chlorine or bromine level will ensure the water stays sanitized, and you won’t have to worry about things irritating your skin.  Make sure you always use a test strip before each use to ensure your spa water is properly sanitized.

low chlorine test kit


It is important to oxidize your spa water weekly.  You can accomplish this with one bag of Spa Lite a week.  The point of oxidizing the water is to keep the water clean by gassing off contaminants like oils from your skin, lotions, and other things that lurk in the water or build up in your filter. This is especially important for people with allergies, because you don’t want to bathe in dirty water that causes skin irritation.

To learn about other hot tub products products and tips for hot tub users with allergies, stop by our showroom and our Water Lab Team will be glad to help! Don’t let itchy, patchy skin stop you from enjoying your hot tub!


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