How do I get rid of Inorganic stains in my pool

Inorganic stains (i.e. Iron, Copper, Cobalt) are caused from metals and minerals that enter the pool water and chemically attach to the surface of the pool. Brushing the pool has no effect on inorganic stains!

Below are the steps to get rid of ugly stains in your pool:

Before you begin please make sure your pool chlorine level is 2 ppm or above.

Step 1: Turn off the pool pump for at least 2 hours.
Step 2: Add 2 Liters (2 bottles) of BioGuard Mineral Springs Stain and Scale – pour slowly around the pool edges closest to the staining.
Wait for 1 hour
Step 3: Broadcast 2.5 kg Lo n’Slo across the pool surface in the area closest to the staining.
Step 4: Leave the circulation pump OFF for at least 8 hours.
Step 5: Turn the circulation pump back ON and start brushing the pool.

* Brush the pool daily for 7 days. Once you achieve the desired the result, you can stop brushing..
* Bring in a water test after 7 days for metal analysis and to update the water analysis team on the stain removal progress.

Please DO NOT SHOCK your pool for at least 1 week after the metal removal.
This may cause re-staining of
 any metals/minerals that are still there.


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