Bathroom Renovations, and working with a bathroom designer?

Bathroom renovations winnipeg

A unique and usually a small space, the bathroom renovation often stirs up it’s share of challenges. The decision if a designer or decorator should be included in the process is often overlooked. What most folks don’t realize is that many professionals from accredited institutions such as the Canadian Decorators’ Association are available for consultation and advice right in professional remodeling stores.

Formulating a concept

When you enter into a project ultimately you are trying to solve a design problem that is in front of you. With a bathroom renovation, that will involve things such as: colours and type of plumbing fixtures. Your concept will lead you to the choices, every design decision will fall back on your concept for some direction. Although there is no one only way to develop a concept a designer/decorator will take you through an exploration of the challenge ahead to expose the building blocks of the concept.

Experience matters

A good bowler will tell you that you need to throw a thousand balls down the lane before you get a feel for the game, Wayne Gretzky the best hockey player of all time said the same thing about shooting a puck. So how then does experience matter with a bathroom renovation? The short answer is product knowledge. Involving a designer/decorator with specific knowledge of the space opens the project up to literally hundreds of additional options. Having the ability to have the professional expertise of a designer that specializes in bathroom renovations reduces the learning curve for you, will ultimately save you money and get closer to the picture you want to see in your home. You just need to have a quick look at the designers portfolio and you will see in a moment what is their passion.

Get comfortable

A bathroom renovation just like any remodeling project should be fun! With that settle in with someone that gets you,  after all we all breathe a little different psychological oxygen right. There always is some good healthy debate that goes along with making design decisions embrace it and remember you are the one living in the home and turn those taps on everyday so don’t just like it love it. If you are feeling creative reach out to a designer today.







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