Pool Opening

Caring for a pool should never feel like a balancing act, but some pool owners feel this way from time to time, especially during pool opening season.  Worry not – pool opening is the best time to build a healthly and happy foundation for the rest of a summer of fun!

Following a quick and easy pool care program starting at pool opening will save you the time and trouble of lost swimming days and ensure you are spending as little time and money on the pool as possible.

The first thing to do is to get the pool open…the pool should begin circulating as soon as all the ice has melted and the night temperatures are consistently above 5 degrees.

Once the pool has been circulating for a minimum of 48 hours, bring in a 1 liter water sample to your pool professional for a full water lab for analysis and diagnosis.  Even when the water is cold, it should be properly balanced to ensure the longevity of the pool. Professional water testing not only will help to correct any current issues, but also help foresee and prevent new issues from taking place. More information on water testing is located here:  https://aqua-tech.ca/water-care

After you follow the prescription, even if you are not heating the pool, begin folloing the weekly pool care regime as youhave discussed with your pool care partner.  Many of our clients follow the 3 step 15 Minute Work Week (http://store.aqua-tech.ca/products/15-minute-work-week-kit), the 2 stpe Pure + Simple System (https://getsatisfaction.com/aqua-tech/topics/what_is_the_best_system_to_take_care_of_a_chlorine_pool) or, if you have a salt pool, try and amazing innovation such as Pristiva! (https://aqua-tech.ca/water-care/salt-water-care)

Pool opening with the proper advice on how to maintain your pool will help you feel more as ease so that you can have more fun this summer.  Do you have questions?  Just ask us at Aqua-Tech Support.


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