We have a above ground pool 16x 32 – what should the pressure guage read on my sand filter

When we vacuum the pool I lose suction after 1-2 minutes. I backwash and then I have really good suction and then it almost stops after 1-2 minutes


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    Bonnie, the way to to determine correct operating pressure of a sand filter the following steps are used. If the sand media has just been changed. Backwash the filter for 5 minutes. Rinse the filter for 30 seconds. Put the dial valve back to the filter postion. What ever your new pressure guage reads will be your normal operating pressure. Depending on the system this could be anywhere from 8-25 lbs PSI. Once your filter pressure rises 3-5 lbs above normal it means it is time to backwash. If your sand media is not new, chemically clean the media ( this process takes 12 hours). Once you have chemically cleaned the filter backwash and rinse as above. Whatever the new guage now reads will be your normal operating presssure. From what you are describing it appears that you have a filter issue ( either with the media or internal components. I would recommend as a first step cleaning the media, Come into the store to pick up some media cleaner. If this does not increase your filter time you may have to replace your media or look to inspect the filter internal. A further possibility could involve your circulation pump and suction line, these trouble shooting steps would be followed after your filter has been eliminated as a source of constraint.

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