I have a 2006 Sundance Marin hot tub. When we have a Hydro power bump the waterfall shuts off. With the power back on and you hit the “Select” button once the waterfall will come on and run for a period of time. It will stop running at some point (we haven’t sat there to time how long it stays running). If waterfall is off and you try to set time of day when you reach 2:30 A.M. the waterfall comes back on but as you continue to cycle the clock to the correct time the waterfall goes off. When you have the clock set for the time of day and then set the waterfall to come back on at the nearest half hour it will come back on at that time but will only run for another undetermined amount of time and then shuts off again. We cannot seem to get things setup so the waterfall stays running. There is no “Flo” message when the waterfall stops running and we have a new filter and a new “Flo” switch installed.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Lin. If the circ pump is not running the waterfall will have no flow. If the power goes out it will set your circ pump start time back how every many hours the power has been out for and may have to do a full turn of the clock before it goes back to programming you were used to. You will need to reset your circ pump start time and lock it in each time power goes out. Set it for the closest 30min interval to when you would like ie if you want to pick a start time for it right now use am 8 as the start time. Make sure the duration is also set for 24hrs and that you lock it in by pressing the display button once you have changed your start time. As a refresher programming instructions for your circ pump are on pg 46 of your 2006 Sundance Marin owners manual.

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