Too much heat

My tub has been 40 or 41 degrees (Celsius) for the last couple of days. I have it set low, to around 30 degrees because we’re planning on going away for a week, and yet it’s heated up to this temp and won’t go down. I normally keep it on economy mode and at around 32 unless we plan on using it. Is there something i can check in the electrical panel? I really don’t want to leave with it cranking out the heat like this.

NOTE: for the last couple of days pump #1 has been kicking on and off all by itself like every minute. I have written about this in another section, and haven’t fixed that problem (it hasn’t happened in a few months but now is happening again when it warms up outside to close to melting temps. Don’t think these 2 things are related though?


  1. Derek


    I forgot to mention it’s a 2002 Optima Spa. I have tried flipping the breaker off for 30 mins but that didn’t help

  2. Reply

    Derek, switch your settings to Standard mode and set it for 30 degrees if that’s where you want it to stay. The spa will heat thermostaticaly in Standard mode and will maintain your temp at 30 degrees. Open one half of your heatshield cover until the spa cools to 30 degrees from the temperature it is at now.

  3. Derek


    That worked! Thanks much

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