Startup Issue

I am not getting any flow thru my heater. Pump primes, water fills the filter, and passes through my UV light. I am only giving a low flow rate through the discharge on the heater. Please help


  1. Nigel


    Kyle make sure your filters are installed correctly in the System 3 tank. Make sure your filters are clean. If in doubt run the system briefly without your filters to see if the flow improves. Make sure all the winterizing plugs and foam expansion rods are out of all of your return fittings at poolside and that all your hydrostream directional eyeball fittings are installed in the return fittings, make sure any ball valves after the heater are fully open other then ball valves leading to water features. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Aqua-Tech pool and pool equipment.

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