spa heater

During the winter I had concerns about my heater not being able to hold temp or rise while on constantly for 40-60 min. I verified that the temp on the control panel
was an accurate reading with both a digital and mercury thermometer. 97 – 102 were all accurate readings. When it was 60 F outside it took up to 25 min to raise 1 degree with top half open.
Also I have been periodically having one speed pump # 2 shut off anywhere between 10 sec and about 10 minutes after turning on. I clean my filter every week and am not sure why this would happen. McKinley spa serial # 100498214


  1. Nigel


    Brian 25min for a 1 degree heat rise is average depending on weather conditions ie outdoor temp, wind etc.
    Make sure you are running with a 60amp GFCI and your logic jumper pin JP1 5 and 6 is in the on position.
    This will allow the spa to have the quickest heat rise when there is a call for heat.
    The pumps when manually activated automaticaly shut off after 20min.
    If all else fails contact our Sundance Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your 2015 Sundance McKinley Spa.

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