How do I reset my pool light so that it does not rotate colours? I would like it to stay on a blue color.

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  1. Nigel


    Kim if you have the Pentair SaM or IntelliBrite light there are several different colors you can lock the light on and you can also have it run the colors continuous. Follow these steps to move and lock onto different colors by toggling your on/off switch:

    A. ON — SAm turns on whichever color it was turned off.
    B. 1st OFF/ON — SAm fast forwards to white and pauses for up to 30 seconds, waiting for other SAm lights to synchronize.
    SAm then begins rolling through the Spectrum and will continue rolling until receipt of next switch command.
    C. 2nd OFF/ON — SAm holds on displayed color.
    D. OFF/ON — Repeats 1st OFF/ON sequence function.
    E. OFF/ON Again — SAm holds on displayed color.

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