Radio/Stereo on my Sundance Optima stopped working

I’ve changed out my power supply and when I turn the spa back on the stereo lights up and then goes off. The yellow JBL light stays on but the stereo won’t power back on. I’ve pressed the BND button and EJ button simultaneously and also used a paperclip to press the reset button under the AUX cover.

Nothing worked! What can I do next?? Or do I need to replace the stereo now! Really don’t want to stick a lot more money into it if it’s something else wrong with it.


  1. Reply

    Ron, doing the resets along with powering the spa on/off usually
    would resolve issues if it was not a bad deck. It sounds like you may
    have a bad JBL deck on your hands. There is a Bluetooth retrofit kit available
    If you decide to go without the JBL deck. If all else fails contact your
    local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your stereo.

  2. Ron Lisa Rowan


    Can you provide me the info on the retrofit kit please.

  3. Reply

    Ron, if you contact the Sundance Support Desk
    In your region they will be able to provide you
    with a retrofit kit. Alternatively to obtain a quote
    on a retrofit Bluetooth kit email our parts
    Dept at:
    Provide your Sundance Spa name, Date built of
    the spa, serial number and style and color
    of the outside skirt style on your spa. Provide
    your full mailing address and contact phone numbers.

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