Pool pump set for 24 hour cycle on EZ touch, but pool pump not running this morning

This morning (Saturday) my pool pump was not running and the second line on my EZ touch display was blank where it normally shows “Pool” and the water and heater set temperature. Pressing the “F” filter pump button did re-start the pump (I had also first tried cycling through “Mode” but this had no effect on the pump). I checked the scheduled run time for the “Pool” setting and it still showed a 24 hour run time (8:00 AM to 7:59 AM, seven days a week) so it’s not clear to me why the pump was not running this morning even though it seemed to be set to run continuously on a 24 hour cycle. Are there any other settings on the EZ touch that I can check to make sure the pool pump is actually set to run for 24 hours or do you have any other suggestions for what the problem may have been? Thank you.


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    John I see this quite frequently. It is usually an end user programmed procedure that needs to be carried out. If you are in auto mode and you turn your pump off either by pushing the F button or using your Indoor or mobile control and then you turn it back on again you have engaged the 12hr egg timer. The pump will then run for 12 hrs provided you don’t turn it off again and then after 12hrs it will shut off til your next start time 24hrs later. After this it will resume normal 24hr operation ie off at am 7:59 and on at am 8:00 in your case. You can do one of two things to get programming out of egg timing mode. Reset your breaker to the EasyTouch or simply press the Reset button on the EasyTouch outdoor Load box control. If you were to do this now the pump would come on usually within a few minutes after doing this as the EasyTouch will recognize the pump should be on since it is set to be on after am 8 and it is pm 2:41 right now. When shutting off your pump for any reason ie cleaing out pump or skimmer baskets always switch to Service Mode first. Once in Service Mode it is safe to shut the pump off with the F button. Once you are ready for the pump to go back on switch to Auto mode and the pump will turn back on. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your EasyTouch control.

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