Pool heater Stopped Working

We have a Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump.
On the message indicator, it says:

Alarm Status
Low Refrig

We are not sure what to do??

Please let us know ASAP since our pool heat is not on at all.

Thank you


  1. Nigel


    Hi Mardina. First make sure your filters and skimmer and pump baskets are clean. Consider running the pool without the filters for 20min to see if the lo refrig message goes away. If it does not you could check to see if you have an accumulation of debris/dust/pollen on the air coil. If you do simply turn off the heat pump and rinse the air coil thoroughly with normal garden hose pressure til it is clean and dust/pollen free again. If it still says lo refrig after that you could check the capacitor and fan motor. Check the fan blade and make sure it is not slipping or broken.

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