Pool Heater

  1. I’m getting an error on my heater “EO5” If I shut the Heater off and turn it back on the heater works. The error message usually appears when I turn on the Spa through my mobile app. and if I then go to the Heater Unit and shut it off and then push the “Spa On” button the heater works. On a few occasions the heater has stopped heater and the error message shows up right away again but most times it keeps working. Also on a few occasions it has just randomly shut off and the error message shows up.
    Please provide suggestions on how I can fix it.


  1. Nigel


    Royal it is not uncommon for cold water coming to trip the EO5 msg. That being said E05 can also be caused by a sooted, calcified or scaled tube sheet, low water flow or obstructed flow, a bad or damaged thermal regulator, bad stack flue sensor and or a bad PWA. Verify the tube sheet is not sooted or scaled etc. Verify the thermal regulator is opening correctly. Verify the pins on the PWA for the stack flue sensor are clean. Verify the wires are connected to the stack flue sensor and PWA. If so you could try and replace the stack flue sensor. If E05 is still out you could try and replace the PWA. Situation being chronic can make it a little more difficult to nail down. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair of your Aqua-Tech pool and Maxetherm heater.

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