Jets not operating

My heater pump is still operating, but when I push the button to start the jets, nothing happens.

Further more, on the motor panel, there used to be a red light indicating the pump is on. However, the light is now off, with the pump running.
Please help


  1. Nigel


    Dave what make and model spa do you have?

    • Nigel


      Dave if you hear a click sound down by your control box where the red light is but the hi speed of the pump does not come on you could have a bad air switch. If you don’t hear a click when you push the button you may have a bad air button or a break in the air button line or the line could be disconnected from your air switch.
      The red light on the box is your heater indicator light. Turn your thermostat knob up to make a heat call the contactor should pull in and the light should come on. If all else fails contact your local spa service support desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your spa.

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