Jet question

We have a marquis epic 2007 I believe . we just had the motherboard changed last month, now jet 1 barely blows air compared to jet 2 which blows really strong. Even when on high. A dealer changed out the motherboard. What can be causing this, could it be the motor? Though we hear it working.( louder then the other one)
Also since then we notice more soot or white stuff at bottom by the filter/flow cages. There wasn’t any before then.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Jesise. First make sure all your jets are turned on a the jet faces for the jets operated by Jet 1 pump. Typically the Jet 1 pump is connected to the filter plumbing if you don’t have a smaller circ pump. Consider running Jet 1 without the filter installed for a short period of time ie 10min to see if the flow improves. Also make sure your suction grates in the footwell of the spa are clean and debris free. If this all checks out you could have blockage in the Jet 1 suction line or in the Jet 1 pump impellor.

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