Hot says it’s too hot

Got an oh error. The a – – – error. Circulating pump not going. No red indicator light for the heater. Turned off hot tub for 20 minutes then turned back on. Jets went but problem persists. Temperature is only at 64 degrees.


  1. Nigel


    Jeff the — message indicates watchdog. Watchdog means a potentially dangerous situation exists with the spa equipment and it has shut it down until it can be corrected. If your temperature is down to 64 degrees you should try to get a space heater inside the front skirt panel where the spa pumps and spa heater are. Set the space heater for a low setting and close the skirt panel back up. Check your filter condition and try removing it to run the spa for a short time without it ie 5 min. If the you see water movement now ie the circ pump is running or you see water movement from the waterfall then you know you have a dirty filter.
    If you don’t see water movement from the waterfall with the topside control showing 64 degrees and you are in Standard mode you may want to book emergency service for tomorrow to protect the spa. It’s pretty cold out right now. Check the spa area up til bed time if you are leaving the space heater in overnite.
    I’ve attached a link to book the emergency service for your convenience.

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