Flo Error on 2010 Optima

My Sundance Optima (2010) has a flashing error (104/flo/104) only when BOTH jet pumps are on. What can I do to fix this?


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    Daniel if you are seeing the flashing FLO error only when the jet pumps are both on hi and otherwise there are no flashing messages when the jet pumps are off and the spa is heating and maintaining heat with your circulation pump then you would want to consider your water level in the spa right now. Make sure it is at least 3/4 of the way up your filter skimmer floating weir door or be sure the spa is level and that the water level is just below your pillow rests.

    A low water level will cause the jet pumps to pull so much water out of the spa at such a fast rate that it can cause your circulation pump to cavitate and cause a flashing FLO message. While you are checking your water level have a look at your filter proper to make sure it is not overly soiled and impeding flow.

  2. Daniel Carreira


    The water level was low last week when the problem first appeared. I had topped it up and have attempted to prime the pumps on numerous occasions but I don’t get air out, just water.

    When I took the filter out and ran both pumps, the flo error did not appear.

    The filter looked clean but I rinsed it anyways. When I put it back in the flo error reappeared.

    When I am running one of the pumps, there appears to be air coming out of the jets even though I have all the air controls closed. I played with the pump director switch and found that if I rotated it back and forth quickly; I could generate a large number of air bubbles being emitted from the jets. Th flo error seems to appear less frequently now; is there any other way to remove an air lock?

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    Loosening the massage selector nut slightly with the pump off that corresponds to the jet pump with an airlock usually will release the air however an airlock in one of the jet pumps would not create a flashing FLO message.

    If you removed your filter and then turned both your jet pumps on Hi with the water level at proper level and you don’t see a flashing FLO message then you have a filter that is soiled enough to create this FLO message and the filter either needs to be degreased or replaced.

    If you are having air coming out of the jets with the jet pump on and the air control closed for the cooresponding jets it would mean you have a worn out o-ring in the air control housing.

    Be careful to not run the spa to long with the filter out. To long would be over a minute. Debris can get sucked into the suction port and clog the impellor to the circulation pump.

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