FL1 after winterizing

Hello – please phone me with technical advice – i have a Sundance 780 Hamilton Serial Number: 100424068
The display shows FL1 and no matter what i do the spa is not heating


  1. Nigel


    Dereck this website is a txt only Technical help center. That being said many conditions can cause the FL1 msg. Two of the most common conditions would be 1. A soiled filter, 2. An air lock. Run the system without a filter for 3-5 minutes to see if the FL1 goes away. Purge an air lock from the system by forcing fresh water through the filter intake port with your garden hose and or slowly partially loosening the circ pump union til you hear the air released. If you feel that your spa may be in danger of freezing click on this link to book emergency service for your Sundance Spa. https://aqua-tech.ca/store/index.php/services/1-hot-tub-in-distress-service.html If all else fails contact our Sundance Service Support Desk on Monday to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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