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We had our pool installed in the Spring on 50 Yale Avenue and I have a question about the filter pressure. I have cleaned the filter a couple of time over the summer when the pressure got 10 psi about baseline. Last week, I cleaned it again and it did not really get down, so I bought the chemical to rinse the filter overnight. When I turned the system back on, the pressure started 3-5 psi above baseline and was back up to 7-8 psi above baseline within the same day as if nothing has happened. Since then the spouts have been putting out a little bit more air bubbles as well. Do you know what could be causing this? Thank you for your help


  1. Aqua-tech Support


    Richard, a couple of questions to help get you a response from the team:
    1. Have you experienced cloudy water or Algae in your water this year?
    2. How long did you pre rinse your filters prior to soaking in the cleaning agent?
    3. How long did you soak the filters for?
    4. How long did you post rinse the filters for after the soaking?

  2. Richard Keijzer


    No cloudy water or algae
    Hosed the filters before and after cleaning agent
    Soaked in the cleaning agent overnight
    I hope this helps to clarify this issue

    • Aqua-tech Support


      Richard, Filter base pressure will change from time to time. So long as you have good forceful pressure coming out of your jest and good suction coming from your skimmer port you don’t by default need to clean your filters. If you are getting short cycles ( ie: filter pressure jumps 10-12 PSI in 24 hours ) then with out much doubt you have 1 of 2 issues.
      * your pressure guage is faulty
      * your filters are still not clean
      In your case it does seem like the cleaning needs to be done more vigorously. Please read through this blog post it should add a little more detail. We would suggest bringing your filters in to Aqua-Tech for a cleaning, when you close your pool for the season so that it starts next season with a clean slate.

  3. Ashley Olsen


    Another great resource for filter care is our blog post on the subject – you can access it here:

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