error codes not in manual

the red light is on to my 2013 Aspen and it is showing the following error codes that are not in the manual:
the spa is not heating
please phone me at 204-523-7822
thank you!


  1. Nigel


    Perry these are not known error messages. Possibly the spa just needs to be power cycled to reset the PWA. Try turning your GFCI breaker off for 5min and then turn it back on and see if the control panel starts to read normally and the heater starts to work again. Failing that you could have a look around the Sentry Control Box area to see if all wires especially the ribbon cable coming down from the topside control to the PWA are intact. If a cable is loose or broken it could be causing weird messages on the topside control panel. If the cables are good you could have an issue with the topside control and or PWA.

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